Street Series Competitions

What is Street Series?

Street Series is a highly anticipated drift competition that takes the top 32 drivers in New England and tests their skills over four different events. Inspired by D1 Street Legal competitions, rear tires are restricted to 235 width and minimum 200 tread wear. Each competition offers a cash prize and drivers earn points towards the overall standings. The series culminates in a final competition where the top drivers compete for the grand prize. With its intense competition and challenging layouts, Street Series is a must-drive event for anyone looking to test their skills against the top drivers in the north east. All Street Series events will take place at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, either on the clubhouse circuit or the skid pad.

Why Compete at Street Series?

The inspiration for this series is to have our own speed and style drift competition for grassroot drivers who want to enjoy some fun, wheel-to-wheel drifting with likeminded drivers. This comp series might not be for everyone, the rules are simple and clear to ensure drivers will have fun competing, in a safe manner and looking good while doing it. Please check out the rules below to ensure you are in full compliance. Stay safe, have fun!

This is a season long points series that will feature multiple layout configurations, some in day light and some under the lights at night. At the beginning of the season all drivers start with zero points and the top first, second and third overall points holders will be crowned series winners.

32 Drivers Battle in four Separate Events

Cash Prizes for Every Event

Overall Standings Through all four Events

Different Layouts Every Event

Past Street Series Coverage

2024 Round 1 Top 8 Recap

Upcoming Events

2024 Schedule

  • May 17th– Round 1

  • June 7th – Round 2

  • July 21st – Round 3

  • Sept 27th – Round 4

Street Series 2024 Round 2
Kevin Rosalski is pulling away with the points lead, can anyone stop him?

Street Series 2019 Round 1
Top 16 action with judges view and deliberation from Street Series 2019.

E-Street Series 2020
A global pandemic cant stop us from hosting a drift competition! 

2024 Street Series Overall Standings

Who will be at the top on the leaderboard at the end of 2024?

1 Kevin Rozalski BMW E30 200 PTS
2 Andy DeFranzo Nissan 240SX 120 PTS
3 Eric Peckham Mazda MX5 108 PTS
4 Jake Lipton C5 Corvette 96 PTS
5 Brad Roach Toyota Cressida 96 PTS
6 Jordan Carreiro Mazda MX5 96 PTS
7 Ralphie Perez Subaru BRZ 96 PTS
8 Nick Cristofori Nissan 240SX 88 PTS
9 Tristan Gauvin Nissan Laurel 76 PTS
10 Kevin Konow Nissan 350Z 64 PTS
11 Kyle Bartis Nissan 350Z 64 PTS
12 Jordan Agoubi BMW E36 64 PTS
Driver Total 2024 Points
Kevin Rozalski 200
Andy DeFranzo 120
Eric Peckham 108
Jake Lipton 96
Brad Roach 96
Jordan Carreiro 96
Ralphie Perez 96
Nick Cristofori 88
Tristan Gauvin 76
Kevin Konow 64
Kyle Bartis 64
Jordan Agoubi 64
Taylor Walrath 48
Orion Callahan 48
Ray Zabilansky 48
Nate Chesley 32
Brenden Worchester 32
Derrick Richardson 32
Nathanial Torop 16
Dan Sheehan 16
Chris McQuaid 16

Street Series 2024 Sponsors

Awards – Street Series 2024 Presented by Subimods

  • $15,000 Total payout between 4 Rounds and top 3 Championship winners
  • $3000 Total per round, Payouts split 1st-5th
  • SUBIMODS Title Sponsor Winners Check
  • Stage Wheels: Set of wheels to Series Champion
  • Function Automotive: Alignment for 1st place winner per round
  • Swivel Mount Prizes
  • Drift HQ Gift cards
  • Whiskey Woodcraft Prizes
  • Injector Spa Services
  • Chassis Harness
  • Image Printhouse
  • NDI Machine
  • Oakes Garage
  • Revival Motoring
  • Accurate Fabrication
  • ISC Suspension
  • Bad Bird Customs

Street Series Judging Criteria

Drivers Meeting

If you are not at the driver’s meeting, you cannot compete and will not be issued a refund. Absolutely no exceptions. Note: Staff may reject your car during technical inspection; the driver can fix their car if time is available. If rejected by staff or if unable to be corrected, staff may issue a partial refund; these events are not for everyone. Try to stay in the spirit of the rules.

General Information

  • The main event will be a 32-driver tandem-battle competition.
  • Rolling start battles. We do not drag race off a line.
  • Judged in sections: entry, corners, snaps, flow
  • There will be a battle for third (3rd) and fourth (4th) place before the final battle.
  • Practice sessions may happen depending on time and driver counts.

Style / Flow

  • Line and speed from lead car
  • Proximity and drift from chase car
  • Heavy angle on deceleration (slow down hard) – Brakes encouraged
  • Shallow on acceleration (fast)
  • Smooth transition between varying angle within drift
  • Hard transitions with momentum


  • Tandem transitions encouraged to be simultaneous or chase transitions should be earlier than lead car
  • Transitions should be as hard/fast as possible
  • Exit course should be straightened from drift as smooth as possible
  • Chase car proximity should end equal or closer than start


  • Half spin, full spin, or any full loss of inertia = driver error resulting in 0
  • Two tires off pavement or hitting / running over cones = driver error resulting in deduction
  • Excessive Rev limiter = driver error resulting in deduction
  • Excessive E-brake usage = driver error resulting in deduction
  • Correction of front wheels (understeer) = driver error resulting in deduction depending on severity
  • Left foot braking in lead car if deemed unnecessary = driver error resulting in deduction or 0 if malicious
  • Bump/crash directly contributing to lead car error = chase driver error resulting in deduction or 0

Vehicle Rules


  • Drivers must fit cars with as many OE interior panels as possible from driver/ passenger seats forward.
  • Dash, carpet, center console, two (2) forward seats, and door panels will be required.
  • Door cards cut to accommodate roll cage bar fit will be allowed.
  • Panels cut to accommodate parts such as fire extinguishers, hydro brake mounting, gauges, etc., will be allowed.
  • Rear seats/panels behind driver/passenger seats are not mandatory.
  • Factory seat belts are acceptable. Cars with racing harnesses will follow mounting guidelines in the main Lock City Rulebook.
  • Fire extinguishers are required for each vehicle and must be mounted within reach of the driver while fastened into the driving position.


  • Roll cages are HIGHLY encouraged for competition but not required. Drivers can find roll cage guidelines in the main Lock City Rulebook.
  • Bolt-in cages with door bars will be acceptable.


  • Aftermarket suspension (coilovers highly recommended), low cars are cool, and staff will enforce car height to make car cooler :)
  • Must maintain factory suspension mounting points. Cars with relocated mounting points to accommodate more angle are not eligible.


  • Vehicle aero/body kits are encouraged but optional. Cars must have all body panels and bumpers on during the entire event.
  • Tire tread must not protrude beyond the fender of the car.


  • Car REAR tires may not exceed 235 tire width and utilize a MINIMUM 200 treadwear (no exceptions). Tires will be measured at random by staff. Drivers found to be exceeding tire specifications at any point throughout the event will be subject to disqualification without refund. There are no restrictions on front tire specifications.

Engine Swaps

  • Engine swaps of any size or type are allowed with no horsepower limit.
  • Factory mounting locations must remain in stock location.
  • Radiator must remain in the general factory location.
  • Exhaust must exit rear of vehicle

Broken Vehicles

  • The vehicle the driver brings to the event that passes LCD technical inspection must be the vehicle utilized by the driver in competition. If drivers break their vehicle, they cannot use another vehicle for the competition.
  • EXCEPTION: If another vehicle is available, not being used by another competition driver, and passes an LCD technical inspection, it may be used, but only if a majority staff vote approves it.